Renowned Sculptor Richard Hunt Creates Monument to Ida B. Wells

When planning a new monument for the city, why not hire a local artist whose reputation is monumental. Sculptor Richard Hunt was born in Englewood in 1935. His works have been exported around the world from his studio in Chicago. WTTW News caught up with him before the unveiling of a monument in Bronzeville that was years in the making.


Marc Vitali: Fifty years ago, this one-time electrical substation near DePaul was converted into a sculptor’s laboratory.

Richard Hunt, sculptor: When I got this place in the beginning, they had taken out all the equipment except the crane, which of course I’m glad they didn’t take it out, and so you have this big high-ceilinged open space to develop things in and move them around with the crane and get them out the back door.

Vitali: His process is intuitive.

Hunt: The way things work, I’ll start putting some things together that I have an idea about. It’ll suggest something. It gets me started.

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