Because of the Asian women redefining and restructuring the field, art workers from gallery owners to experimental artists enrich Los Angeles.

By Lisa Kwon, For Culture

In Los Angeles, art feels accessible. The size and power of a museum do not determine its cultural impact. Some of the most refreshing perspectives have come out of galleries that began in unexpected places like an apartment in Koreatown or a convenience store in South Los Angeles. The reimagining of meaningful art spaces cannot be taught; it is driven by those who have been challenged by the complacent, stultifying attitudes of politics and identity within the industry. In a city that welcomes hybridization, defiance is celebrated.

Thus, the spirit of an LA woman, particularly the one who works in the arts, has long been: if something doesn’t exist, create it. Many Asian diasporic art workers feel welcome there because they don’t have to explain themselves, and their heritages, constantly to others—it is simply enough to want to change the art world because they believe in their work. From gallery owners to experimental artists, here is a snapshot of the art that enriches Los Angeles because of the Asian women redefining and restructuring the field.

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