Curator Rujeko Hockley on the Lessons She Brought From Her Early Job at the Studio Museum to Her New Role at the Whitney

How the esteemed Whitney curator got her start.

By Katie Rothstein & Samantha Baldwin, For ArtNet

Curator Rujeko Hockley has always woven art history into the fabric of her life’s pursuits. She described a turning point that came during while an undergraduate at Columbia University, when she realized that art history did not have to be such a narrow course of study.

“Topics I was interested in around questions of equity, questions of race, questions of history, questions of class—all of these questions could be a legitimate and valid way to think about the history of art,” she said.

After graduation, she stepped into the museum world as a curatorial assistant at the Studio Museum in Harlem. Since then, she’s taken on roles at the Brooklyn Museum, co-curated a Whitney Biennial, and now works as an assistant curator at the Whitney Museum.

Read on to hear more about her path to curating, the latest exhibition she organized, and the advice she would give her younger self

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