Five-Year, $53 Million Initiative to Focus on Arts Organizations of Color

By The Wallace Foundation

Today we are thrilled to launch a new initiative in the arts with an open call for eligible organizations and researchers. We’ve created an online hub with information about the initiative and how those who are eligible may apply.
Aimed at fostering equitable improvements in the arts, the initiative begins with this guiding question:
Facing strategic challenges, how do arts organizations of color leverage their experience and community orientation to sustain their relevance and increase their resilience?
The focus is based on our recognition that leaders of arts organizations of color* report that their contributions to the field—high-quality work, rich histories and deep roots in their communities—are often overlooked and underfunded.

To encourage as many organizations as possible to apply, Wallace has launched an open call for applications.
While pursuing individual projects of their choosing, grantees will participate in a learning community—sharing their experiences with one another while developing useful insights for other arts organizations of color and for the broader field. 

For more information, see:

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